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Privacy Policy

Description of Website

This web site is an elk hunting information site which contains some product ads and product search capabilities.  These ads are links to product information on websites maintained by hunting supply vendors.


Personal Information Obtained by this Website

Since no products are sold directly from this site, personal information is not collected by this site with the exception of occasionally receiving an email from a visitor of the site.  The email address and any personal information provided by such emails are retained only as necessary to answer questions or complete the correspondence.


Anonymous (non-personal) Information

When you click on an ad, you are transferred to a product vendor’s site.  They are well established vendors who are responsible for their privacy practices.  If a purchase is made, the vendor must obtain both personal and anonymous information.  These sites use cookies and other technologies to complete customer purchase transactions, improve product ad displays and ensure proper commission is paid to their affiliates.  The ads identify the product vendors.  For specifics on what data are collected by them and how it is used, you will need to read their privacy policy statements.